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Physical + digital work space

Custom Intranet solution with a unique blend of technology and process, built to last and delivered fast.

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Transform your digital workplace

Leveraging 10 years of intellectual property and 200+ SharePoint deployments, we guarantee success with our modern SharePoint Intranet Solution.

Our experience and a customer centric approach delivers a fully functional intranet, with 80% of your requirements pre-configured in 75% less time and a 50% reduction in investment.

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Less is more

Focused on the task at hand. Clean and functional.

Fully customisable

Custom branding tailored to your organisation.

Secure information

A simple security model for managing groups and permissions.

Single location

Organise important company documents, news and announcements.

200Active sites

Developing intranet solutions for the past 10 years with 200+ intranet deployments tailored to meet customer’s brand and reputation.

35000Active users

We support 35000 active users in Australia across public, private and non profit sector built over 20000 hrs of development to succeed and resonate with your brand values.

Case study

From zero to intranet
in eight weeks

Custom-branded SharePoint solution takes off at the International Airport

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Case study

Public sector firm reaps
the benefits

A winning consolidated Intranet solution.

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Case study

Custom branded intranet
for Goodman

SharePoint that doesn’t look like SharePoint

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