Every winning intranet needs a detailed plan, both strategic and functional

Setup a Goal

Determine the goals your intranet project.

Define the scope

Describe the audience, company size, information load and requirements checklist.

Build a site map

Gathering the requirements to build the site map, navigation and structure.

Key applications and integrations

Determine the main applications you’d like to use for the intranet.

Creation of the homepage

Identify a name and URL, style, layout and links to get started with the homepage.


Far from being a one-size-fits-all solution, your intranet template is capable of being fully customized


Making of a custom-made homepage to suit your company design and style.


A simple and clean top navigation bar to scan through different categories.

Landing page

Shows top level navigation menu items along with navigation to sub-sites and pages.


Well written, engaging informative content is the most important aspect of the intranet.

News and Events

Regular updates and announcements of company news and events to keep staff UpToDate.


One place to store and share your company’s documents and files yet keeping it safe and secure.

Knowledge Base

Designed to allow easy creation of knowledge articles on the intranet portal.

Reports and Dashboards

Quick and seamless access to business-critical reports, dashboards, tools and applications.

Staff Directory

One Search a fast, accurate and up to date view of everyone in your organisation.

Organisational view

Organisational chart allows you can navigate up and down the hierarchy by selecting the appropriate person.


There’s no indicator of success more satisfying than seeing a thriving virtual world take hold and lead to tangible, real world results.


A final demonstration of the intranet solution will be provided.


We support end to end training and support to your company staff.

Post launch support

Extending our help with a promise of post launch support and fixes.

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