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A winning consolidated Intranet solution.

Bringing together a unified identity to form a custom consolidated Intranet solution for a property firm




Antares recently liaised with a public sector firm responsible for managing property portfolios and places around NSW. This large organisation encompasses a number of entities, each of which drives different functions of State infrastructure. The business just underwent a company wide re branding to closer align its internal entities and be seen publicly as a cohesive body. Antares were able to assist in bringing together this unified identity in the form of a consolidated intranet.


Following their restructuring and rebranding, the company engaged Antares to consolidate smaller intranets used by their various internal entities. Their goal was to provide employees a single intranet that would be useful to staff throughout the organisation.

The various intranets used internally were all quite different – built on different platforms, populated with different content and targeted to different audiences. The biggest challenge for the team was analysing all the content to be migrated in what was a short time frame for completion.


Exploring the needs of the business elicited opportunities where technology could be used to remedy organisational pain points. On top of Antares’ quick start intranet solution with custom branding, we were able to provide:

  1. A consolidated staff directory via our OneSearch solution.

The business had records of staff details in various forms throughout the multiple intranets. Antares was able to draw in data from all these sources and provide a functional directory with dynamically generated organisational & office charts.

2. A place for recognising staff and their achievements.

The business wanted to promote the great work conducted by staff members. Antares created a custom web part for the home page which gives users the ability to congratulate and publicly recognise their co-workers.

3. A corporate repository for documentation and news

The business wanted to provide staff access to all their corporate policies, procedures, forms, templates and guidelines. Antares created a dedicated space on the intranet for these documents, uploaded and tagged them with appropriate metadata for a richer user experience.

Reaping the benefits of a consolidated approach Staff are happy to find all the latest news and information all in one place.

Easy search options

No longer do they have to traverse multiple intranets to find information about another department.

Stay uptodate

Staff are always informed of what’s going on in the organisation with an informative home page and consolidated news channel.

HR Information

Access to staff details and corporate documents empowers workers with resources that were previously scattered in various locations.

Custom made solution

All the entities now have a platform for communication that is consistent and company-aligned following the rebrand.

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